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A Simple Guide to Designing Your Own Logo

Logo design can be a challenge to get right. Companies invest time and money in logo design, but many end up with an uninspiring or generic result. To help you avoid this problem, we’ve put together a range of tips for designing your own logo. Logo design is about more than just a company’s name: It’s about creating an image for your business that people remember. If you need inspiration for your own logo, check out these examples from real companies. They might give you some ideas for how to design your own logo in the future. If you don’t have experience with logo design, it can feel like an uphill battle. But it doesn’t have to be so complicated. With the right advice, anyone can create their own memorable logo and brand identity as part of their business branding strategy..


Step 1: Know your brand before you design

If you’re serious about creating a logo for your company, you have to know your brand inside-out. You have to know the personality of your brand, the tone of voice, what your customers expect from you, and the products or services you offer. By getting to know your brand, you’ll have a better idea of what your logo needs to look like. You can use your existing brand guidelines as a guide. If you don’t have brand guidelines yet, it’s a good idea to create them. Your logo should reflect your brand. There are three main ways to do this: imagery, typography, and color. Your logo should also be simple and clear. The more cluttered and complicated your logo is, the less impact it will have.


Step 2: Find a font you love

The next thing you’ll need to do when designing your logo is to find a font that matches your brand and complements your image. A good font can elevate your logo and make it memorable. When you’re choosing a font, you’ll want to consider a few things: What message does the font convey? What associations does the font inspire? What feelings does the font evoke? The first step is to select a font family. You can then choose which individual font is best for your logo. When you’re choosing a font for your logo, there are two things to keep in mind: font type and font size. Your font type should match the tone of your brand and your logo. If you’re not sure which font type to choose, here are some things to consider: Your font size should be appropriate to the size of your logo. You should use a font size that’s easy to read and shows your logo in the best light.


Step 3: Pick your colors

Your logo comes with a set of colors that help to define it. Most logos contain one primary color and one or two secondary colors. Your primary color should be the main color in your logo. It should be the brightest and most noticeable color in the image. It should also be found in the other elements of your logo, such as your font and border. Your secondary colors can be used in smaller amounts. They can be found in the accents of your logo and maybe in a small part of the primary color. Your logo’s color palette should be consistent with the rest of your brand. You should use colors that suit your business and reflect your personality.


Step 4: Sketch your logo

Once you’ve chosen a font, chosen your colors, and selected a font size, it’s time to sketch your logo. A sketch is simply an outline of your logo. You can sketch your logo on paper or with software like the Logo Design Studio. Once you’ve sketched out your logo, you can make any changes before you move on to the next stage: creating your logo. A sketch is such a basic way of designing a logo that you may be wondering why we’ve included it in our logo design tips. Well, simply put, it’s a very important step! It’s this step that will give you the chance to look at your logo design from a different perspective – from a higher level.


Step 5: Choose and add colors

Once you’ve sketched out your logo, it’s time to select the colors for your logo. You should choose a primary color for your logo, along with one or two secondary colors. If you have a dark logo, you can choose two lighter colors as secondary colors. Your logo’s primary and secondary colors should be consistent with the rest of your brand. They should also be consistent with the fonts you’ve selected. There are various ways you can use your logo’s colors in your marketing materials. You can use them on your website and social media platforms, in your email marketing, and on packaging, brochures, and posters. By bringing the colors of your logo into other aspects of your business, you can establish a consistent brand that people easily recognize.


Step 6: Wrapping up

Once you’ve completed these logo design tips, you can add your logo to your website, business cards, and marketing materials. You can also create a color palette based on your logo’s colors and use them in similar ways. You’ll probably want to redesign your logo from time to time. This is completely normal. You may find that your logo doesn’t reflect your brand as well as it once did. You may want to change your logo so it’s in line with the latest trends. Or you may want to change your logo because you’ve received feedback from customers that they want a new look. Your logo doesn’t just have to be for your business. You can use your logo to show support for a cause or other issue that’s important to you. You can use your logo to design posters and flyers, create merchandise, and even make signs.

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How we used Brizy pagebuilder for Ace Tints Website

Effective website designs are crucial for any business’s success. If your website looks good and attractive, it has the potential to drive improved sales for you.

Even though WordPress has made it easier for everyone to make their own professional website, we can still use something easier to use to make professional designs in no time. That’s where Brizy comes in.

Build your website with the next-gen website builder

User experience is now more important than ever. It’s essential to have a design that stands out to provide your users with the best-ever possible. That’s one of the major ways to win long-term customers and retain them for good.

With Brizy, you can create designs that set you apart from the crown. Using Brizy, we created the website for Ace Tints:

Ace Tints is a major tinting company that tints more than just cars; however, tinting cars is one of their primary gigs. We designed and created Ace Tints’ website using Brizy. To make it look the way it does now, we also added some additional touches with HTML and CSS.

Add various customizations to make your website truly yours

If you have a concept in mind, you can start from a blank page. Let your imagination guide you through the process and derive a creative website design from it.

However, if you don’t have a concept in mind, you can also use one of Brizy’s several pre-built templates. These templates let you start from an existing design and then customize it according to your will.

Drag & drop to success

Like many other website page-builders, Brizy comes with a built-in drag and drop functionality. You don’t have to work with code or any other complexity to design your site; all you have to do is to drag your preferred components from the panel and place them on your website design.

Add animations, shadows, borders, and much more

You can add several customizations to make your website design stand out. For example, you can add custom shadow blocks behind your website widgets to make them look elevated or 3D. Moreover, to comply with the latest trends, you can smoothen the corners and borders of your website’s pages.

Brizy is a modern page-building tool to design beautiful pages for your website. You can customize according to your will to attract more customers. We used Brizy in collaboration with HTML & CSS customizations to build Ace Tints’ website.

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Branding SEO Web Design

A look back at code vault

Code Vault is a new ecommerce site that sells gaming codes, both new and old. They offer a wide variety of games, including PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360, PC Games, Nintendo 3DS, Wii U Games and more. For all your gaming needs, visit Code Vault today!

Section: What is Code Vault?
Section: Why choose Code Vault?
Section: How to get started with Code Vault
Section: What are some of the most popular features on Code Vault?
Takeaway: A smart business decision that can be a huge investment, but one that will pay off for years to come.

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Ecommerce Websites By Geeky Designs

Partnering with the most competent e-commerce development company will enable you to reach the global market through the web. It will be imperative to search for a reliable e-commerce development company which will be capable of creating a competitive online store which is interactive, adaptable, and omnipresent matching the requirements of your business. This will be performed by experienced and skilled e-commerce developers and programmers having comprehensive knowledge regarding the fundamentals of e-commerce.

In the following paragraphs, we have highlighted the various advantages of employing a competent e-commerce development company.

1. Deliver projects within the stipulated deadline

A reliable e-commerce development company can boast of having experts who will be able to deliver projects on time. They will be working on every single project with compatibility and diligence. The professionals believe in creating long-term relations with the customers by delivering the projects within the stipulated deadline. This will help you to focus on other essential marketing strategies for your company.

2. Domain proficiency

Small businesses often find it difficult to employ e-commerce development professionals who can boast of having the required knowledge and experience for creating a professional website. However, with e-commerce development companies you will be able to hire experts without breaking the bank. These experts keep themselves educated regarding the most recent technological advancements in the present industry regarding domain expertise.

3. Deliver fantastic results

Once a reputed e-commerce development company is hired by you in order to design ecommerce website for your business, you can be guaranteed the fact that they will be able to deliver outstanding results. Being aware of the regulations of working in a competitive and aggressive market, they will make sure that you get the desired results so far as your online store development and design is concerned. You will be assured that the end result is going to be a user-friendly, distinctively designed, and interactive website.

4. Create a top-notch e-commerce website

In case you are planning to develop your website from an experienced and licensed e-commerce web development company, you will be able to get the advantages in the form of the most recent tools and advanced technologies out there. Top-notch business-centric websites are developed by the most competent e-commerce development companies which will definitely drive traffic to your website.

5. Save money and time

In case website development services are outsourced by you, it will be extremely advantageous for you eventually. In fact, it will prevent you from employing proficient developers. This will allow you to save a considerable amount of money as well as time that would have been otherwise spent on hiring plus managing a team of developers for making the website.

Geeky Designs is actually a popular e-commerce website design company in Liverpool providing remarkable graphic design, website design, SEO, and marketing services for the convenience of the customers. It is imperative to invest only £45 every month for using the services offered by this competent web design company. In case you want to outsource an e-commerce development company for your projects, then Geeky Designs will be the ideal solution for you without any doubt whatsoever.

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What Makes Brizy an Ideal Platform For Building Amazing Websites?

What Makes Brizy an Ideal Platform For Building Gorgeous Websites?

Are you a business owner looking to build a new website? Do you want to boost sales during the pandemic? Does your current website look dated and you want to replace it with a modern one? If yes, then Geeky Designs is here to help.

We are a team of excellent Brizy experts developing attractive, professional websites for all.

Brizy is a powerful website building platform that offers a myriad of useful features. It is the easiest WordPress page builder out there and offers more than needed. 

Below we will explain why Brizy is an optimal choice to develop a stunning web design Liverpool.

Top Perks of Geeky Designs Using Brizy for Building Websites

Cloud Based

Brizy is a tool to build WordPress sites. It offers a hosted version named Brizy Cloud to take out the hassle of site and plugin maintenance that typically accompanies WordPress sites.

Brizy Cloud is a hosted platform powered by the Brizy builder (outside of the WordPress), aiming to provide a more streamlined experience when creating landing pages & multi-page websites. It offers unlimited hosting space and enticing free publishing options.

Tons of Themes

Another cool feature of Brizy is that it partners with various theme providers, Astra and Neve being the most popular ones. This makes it an ideal web building platform for startups, small businesses, or firms with limited budgets.

How Can We Help You?

Geeky Designs is an eminent name in the market of web designs in Liverpool. We know the nitty-gritty of this amazing tool and can build attractive layouts to move you closer to your goals.

So stop waiting and choose Geeky Designs because we’re worth it. If you would like to know more about our services, please feel free to drop us a line.

Start Up Company Package

Logo Design

5 Logo Design Concepts

Unlimited Revisions

Icon Design

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Website Design

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Customized WordPress & PHP Development

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Unlimited Revisions

Special Hover Effects

Online Appointment/Booking/Scheduling/Online Ordering Integration (Optional)

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Up to 15 Professional Email

Google Friendly Sitemap

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Complete Deployment

Stationary Design

Business Card, Letterhead, Envelope Design

MS Word Letterhead Design

Email Signature Design

Social Media Page Design

Facebook Icon Image & Banner Design

Twitter Icon Image & Banner Design

Google+ Icon Image & Banner Design

YouTube Icon Image & Banner Design

LinkedIn Icon Image & Banner Design

Value Added Services

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Company Branding

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