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Manage Multiple WordPress Websites with InfiniteWP ClientInfiniteWP Client is a top WordPress plugin with many benefits. This plugin provides a way to manage multiple websites without the hassle of logging into each one separately. For those running five or more WordPress websites, this plugin is vital to your success.What Does InfiniteWP Client do for You?InfiniteWP Client allows you to manage as many WordPress websites as you want. You gain access to managing all your sites form your server and the plugin comes with the following features:One-click Updates – Update your themes, WordPress version and plugins on all your sites with just one click. Very helpful if you use the same plugins on all your sites.Bulk Installation of Plugins and Themes – If you want to add a new plugin or change the theme, you can install the same plugin across all your sites by installing it just once.Self-hosted system – The system will live on your server and will be under your entire control.Restoration and backup done Instantly – You can back up the entire site or just the database instantly.Manage Plugins and Themes All Together – Activate, deactivate and edit any plugins and themes across all your sites simultaneously.And More!This plugin comes with many other features to make managing all your WordPress websites easier.All of the basic features of the InfiniteWP Client plugin are guaranteed to be free for life. However, if you need more power, the plugin does offer premium addons including:Schedule Backups – $69Cloud Backup – $49Install/Clone WordPress – $99Manage Users – $49Malware Scanner – $49Client Plugin Branding – $99Uptime Monitor – $49WP Maintenance – $49Publish Posts, Pages & Links – $69Manage Comments – $49Client Reporting – $69Google Analytics – $69Code Snippet – $69The company also offers discounts if you purchase multiple addons for your WordPress websites.Installing the Plugin Just as you would install any other plugin, InfiniteWP Client can easily be installed by downloading the .zip folder or searching for the plugin from your WordPress Dashboard. Once installed, it just needs to be activated.After you have installed the plugin, you will need to download the free InfiniteWP Admin Panel from This needs to be installed on your server and you will need to add each WordPress website to the Admin Panel, once it’s installed.Is the InfiniteWP Client Plugin for Everybody?Not everybody will need to use the InfiniteWP Client plugin. However, those with more than just one WordPress website may want to use the plugin to manage all of their websites. It may not be necessary for those with one, two or three WordPress websites, but once you get to about four or five, the plugin can save you a ton of time.Imagine logging into one place and managing your entire network of websites and blogs. If you have dozens of sites or even just a half dozen sites, this can save you plenty of time. You won’t have to log into each site separately when making updates or adding something new ever again.The Benefits Are NumerousThis plugin provides a number of benefits from the time it will save you to the ability to keep our entire network of websites consistent. With the InfiniteWP Client plugin, you will be able to manage all your sites much easier and you will gain a number of vital benefits for your business.Adding the InfiniteWP Client plugin to your arsenal can give you time to do more with your marketing efforts. If you outsource things, such as content, images and other tasks, adding these things to your sites can be done much easier when you use this plugin.A Necessity for Super WordPress WebmastersWhether you manage a ton of sites for a client or for your own business, this plugin can make your life easier. Installing it is simple and getting everything set up won’t take very long. Once you have the system set up, you will be amazed at how much time this simple plugin saves you.If you want to save time and manage all your websites from one admin panel, use the InfiniteWP Client plugin to manage an unlimited number of WordPress websites.

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