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A properly designed email signature

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A properly designed email signature

Email personalisation goes far beyond ‘just’ tailoring emails to the recipient. A signature also goes a long way in driving engagement between brand and customer. An email signature can be seen as handing over a business card every time you send an email.

Email signatures are very visually engaging and it is much better to send and email with a properly constructed signature than without. The signature is a highly useful tool and they are fairly straightforward to implement – depending on your provider – but it’s probably best to let a professional design it.

4 reasons why personalised email signatures are important

There are a lot of reasons ‘why’ but we have decided to be kind and whittle them down to the top four for you.

Creating an email signature is an ideal opportunity to put your brand on every single message that you send out to customers, prospective customers and partner companies. Basically, consistent branding reinforces who you are as a business.

  • Acts like a digitised business card

A personalised (as opposed to simply a basic signoff) email signature is in effect your business card.  You should see it as you are conveying the idea that you are open to communication.

  • Personal association

If you are something of a one-man band, as in you yourself are your brand, then it’s likely that you don’t have a logo.  If that is the case, a photo of yourself is going to allow the recipient to make a personal association and connection.

  • Quick links for accessibility

Have a good think about the things you might want to make easy to access for the people you are sending emails to. this could be links to WhatsApp, social channels, phone numbers…

You are holding the keys to success

The following is why branded email signatures are important for the success of your company as a whole and not just for communication and engagement.

Brand Consistency

Keeping email signatures ‘on brand’ is a key element of helping to ensure company success. You should make sure that the colours and the logo that you are using in the signature are the same as the ones that you are using everywhere else: website, business cards, advertisements, brochures etc.

Company Consistency

All of your employees should be using the same layout for their email signatures and this of course includes logo and colours. This way, every outgoing email is branded correctly, regardless of who sends it.

Legal Disclaimers

Company emails these days are meant to have disclaimers attached, depending on your business.  Copyright notices, information regarding confidentiality etc. putting these details in your signature ensures that every email contains your legal disclaimers.

Keep your signature simple

Your email signature should be kept as simple as possible while still including all of the relevant information. All you really need are:

  • Name
  • Position
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Website
  • Logo

Hire a professional designer for your email signature

Obviously, you could opt to create your own signature but for the purposes of consistency and professionalism, it should really be left to the professionals.  You can have a quick chat with us now using the chat feature, or you can drop us a message. Either way, we’d love to chat to you and help you with design ideas for your email signature.

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A properly designed email signature 

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