5 Great Reasons Why You Need A Logo
5-reasons- you-need-a-logo-BLOG
5-reasons- you-need-a-logo-BLOG

There are lots of great reasons why you need a logo, but how should it look? Many business logos incorporate images that represent the actual business; trees, bushes, lawns… many landscaping businesses use elements like these in their logos, but does yours really have to have images that represent your business? Not really, no; some of the biggest companies in the world use logos that have little or nothing to do with the business that they are engaged in.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you cannot use relevant images as a part of your logo – just be aware that you don’t have to. A logo, first and foremost, should be instantly recognisable as being yours and this of course also means that it must be unique.

A great looking logotype is vital for any business that wishes to succeed beyond it’s immediate area (a local business looking to attract custom from other neighbourhoods, for example).

Here are 5 great reasons you should have a properly defined logo.

You want to stand out

Your business may well be unique in your eyes, but the chances are there are already several dozen other companies out there doing the exact same thing. There’s nothing wrong with that, there are very few original ideas left in the world, just variations, that’s just how these things are. The trick is, not just in finding your own USP (Unique Selling Point) but also in finding the right branding that makes you stand out, and that starts with your logo.

In saturated markets, asking why you should have any kind of logo is like asking why you want to make a good first impression – they are almost the same thing. If your business cannot be differentiated from all the others in your sector, how are you expected to expand or grow into other new regions?

This is exactly why you need a Professionally designed logo – to create a positive image, to stand out and make yourself more visible than you otherwise would have been without one or with a generic logo.

For a great logo you really do need the services of a professional, assuming you don’t fall into that category yourself. A professional designer is going to be able to help your business create a great first impression.

why do i need a logo?

A great logo can help to deliver your message

Your logo should be displayed everywhere that you post or advertise – this is going to include business cards, flyers, billboards, social media accounts, websites and of course online advertisements. It doesn’t really matter what you are selling or providing you are going to need to deliver your brand and message to your prospective customers. This is where having your logo displayed prominently is going to be important.

When deciding on what your logo should look like, you should decide on what message you want to push out there. Should it be fun or strictly professional? This would decide largely on the type of business, a butcher shop for example may fall out of favour if their logo featured a steak eating cow.

You know why you need to have a logo, but do your ideas really convey the nature of your business and does it do so in the ‘correct’ way?

The right logo can Illustrate Key Benefits

There are lots of different logo types, from purely text-based logos to fancier graphics-based images. Many companies, such as Twitter or Reddit use images of fictional characters.

If you decide to use images as a part of your logo, as opposed to ‘just’ text, then you should aim to use something relevant that can adequately showcase your business and what you offer. Done correctly, you’ll beating your customers back from your door with a stick.

A great logo boosts overall branding

Advertising and marketing strategies should align with your business branding, right across all your marketing channels and that includes offline as well as online. Your logo is arguably the single most important element of your overall brand identity.

Your logo could very well be the best thing since Marmite (don’t judge, it’s delicious) but in the end it’s not much more than just an image… By itself, anyway. Your branding strategy should transform that awesome but reliant image into the spearhead of your marketing and promotional efforts.

A strong, unique and easily identifiable is going to help you in your efforts to build a familiar brand. This may take time, but you will be able to that image and turn into something that fully embodies the positives of your brand, business and products or services.

It can define your business

Why do you need a logo to define your business? It might sound a little far-fetched but the very design of a logo can tell the story of your success (you can just ask our clients for evidence of this).

Creating a great logo can be a very simple process when left to design professionals such as ourselves – we know what we are doing, and your successful branding is our aim.

If you are just starting out in the world of business then your very first logo, professionally designed, is going to get you on the right path to success. Since you are new, you are very likely the only person on our little piece of the cosmos that knows what your business offers. Your logo and overall branding need to be able to tell everybody and his auntie what it is that you do.

In short, you need a logo because your business will not reach beyond your physical neighbours without one – and if you don’t have physical neighbours, then your business may not survive at all.

Get in touch with us today, and let’s see what we can build together.

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5-reasons- you-need-a-logo-BLOG

5 Great Reasons Why You Need A Logo 

There are lots of great reasons why you need a logo, but how should it look? Many business logos incorporate images that represent the actual business; trees, bushes, lawns… many landscaping businesses use elements like these in their logos, but does yours really have to have images that represent your business? Not really, no; some… Read More »5 Great Reasons Why You Need A Logo

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