10 Content Marketing Benefits


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“Are you going to find your next client, or are they going to find you?”. Hopefully, you’ll have more of the latter than the former – it would make things much easier and would be a signal that you are reaping content marketing benefits fully. Business owners need to have a properly defined inbound marketing strategy – one that is a combination of content marketing, search and social media.

Content marketing is the very foundation on which a successful inbound strategy is built. Without content, there is nothing to share. If you don’t already have a My Business account with the Goog, by the way, you really should.

There are plenty of content marketing benefits to be had, no matter if you are marketing to consumers (B2C) or to businesses (B2B). Content marketing benefits include:

Increases the visibility of your brand

Been able to promote your high-quality content across your social channels is going to get your brand in front of as many eyes as possible and, crucially, the eyes of your target audience. This is possibly the most important of content marketing benefits.

Builds lasting relationships with your intended audience

Continually providing actionable content to your audience is another important benefit because they know they will be able to turn to you and your business when they need a solution to a particular problem.

Builds on your brand awareness and recognition

Small businesses in particular have the challenge of making their brand visible to their intended demographic. Making sure that you are getting high-quality content found, when somebody is looking to the answer to a question they may be having, can have a positive impact on your brand reputation.

Creates loyalty and trust, with both your current customers and prospects

When we offer content that is based on advice (like this post), education and/or useful solutions based on the two caveats of it being free and has no sales pitch is going to build trust between your business and potential customers. Relationships that have a strong foundation in trust are much more likely to move away from content and into a more profitable relationship.

Content marketing builds credibility and authority

Service based businesses, that is businesses that don’t sell a product (digital or physical) succeed or fail based on their expertise and how well they communicate this expertise to their audience. If you are able to produce content that shows that you don’t just how to provide a solution, but also that you can then this is going to help build your credibility and authority in one fell swoop.

Shows you and your business as being an industry expert

This ties into the content marketing benefit outlined above, because once that you have proven your expertise your readers are going to naturally turn to the content that you put out when seeking answers to their questions.

Increases traffic for your website to improve lead generation

One of the top content marketing benefits is generating and increasing inbound leads (warm leads) – these are always much more fruitful than cold calling or emailing prospects (cold leads). Creating more content (obviously, high-quality content) for your site is going to create a larger digital footprint – sites with just a posts or pages are going to find it very difficult to generate organic search listing positions.

Creating properly optimised content that either answers a question, or provides a solution, means that you are going to be much more likely to rank higher in SERPs (Search Engine Results Page). This in turn this is going to help generate more organic leads and more opportunities for people to become leads.

Opens a channel of communication through social shares and comments

As content is shared, promoted and hopefully creates conversation, you can begin to connect and engage with people that have shared your content. This will provide opportunity for you to answer further questions, enhance your brand and further improve your image as a trusted source of qualified, helpful information.

Helps customers make a purchase decision more quickly

Purchase decisions in the digital world begin with a search. If your content leads people in the right direction, they are far more likely to engage. Done correctly, content marketing can move potential customers their purchasing decision at their own pace but at the same time with more certainty. When ready to follow through and make that purchase, your business is most likely to be the one that they turn to and the decision to buy is easier.

Provides value with no strings attached

If you are not familiar with the concept of Giver’s Gain, it is the idea of helping people grow their business without you having an ulterior motive.  Content marketing takes the concept of Giver’s Gain to higher heights. You help people out without expecting anything in return. Why? It helps make your business much more approachable and people are more likely to feel very comfortable with you when it comes time for them to choose a paid solution.

With all of these content marketing benefits taken into consideration, it’s little wonder that a 2018 report states that 74% of online marketers tend to prioritise an inbound lead generation approach to marketing. In addition to this, businesses are almost 4 times more likely to see a higher return on investment than they would with outbound lead generation. Let Geeky Designs have a look at your SEO.

New UK Proposals BLOG

10 Content Marketing Benefits 

“Are you going to find your next client, or are they going to find you?”. Hopefully, you’ll have more of the latter than the former – it would make things much easier and would be a signal that you are reaping content marketing benefits fully. Business owners need to have a properly defined inbound marketing […]


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